Tattoo & Piercing Studio | Miami Beach | Oxygen Ink

Oxygen Ink  is a large, bright, comfortable and friendly tattoo studio.  Our goal is to provide you an exceptional experience.  You and your friends will enjoy our lounge area, pool table, oxygen breathing sessions and open work stations.  Meet the best custom tattoo artists in South Beach!​


We are easily recognized by the bright blue neon lights around our front windows.  Located at 15th & Washington, we are in the heart of South Beach where the beach, shopping, restaurants, hotels and night clubs are all around.​


We specialize in custom tattoos and all types of body modification.   Browse through our portfolios and feel free to discuss your ideas with us.  We can work off an idea you have in mind, a picture, drawing or use our computers to search for ideas.  We can create large full-sleeve and back pieces to tiny, detailed work, in colors ranging from high-contrast black and greys to full, dynamic colors.


A sterile working environment is extremely important to us.  Our tattoo and body piercing experts are fully licensed and experienced.  They use disposable one-time-use tools and instruments whenever possible.  All others are cleaned and sterilized to prevent disease transmission.  Any work surface that could come in contact with bodily fluids is covered with a protective barrier film.  All stations are  properly cleaned and sanitized after each customer.​

​​​​Ask about reserving our large studio for your

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